The Wicked Little Thing

Self doubt is the biggest culprit. No matter how hard you try this sleazy thing somehow always finds its way back into you head. Running away from anything has never helped. Things have always had their way of bouncing back. And maybe it’s for the best. Or maybe not. Who knows? After all everything does happen for a reason. Or does it?
It’s up to you then to figure it all out.

So what exactly are we trying to figure out here? Why do we have that self doubt? Is it us or is it because of someone else? Maybe you wanna look or be a specific way to suit somebody else’s demands. Maybe you want to do it for yourself. But how do you figure it out? Cause if you don’t, self loathing will take the better of you. 

Our mind is a wicked weapon. Our body is nothing but the image of ourselves in our mind. What you think, you become. But is it really that simple? Does this mean I can be anything I want to be if I just get a grip on my thoughts? If that were possible, then all self-doubt, self-loathing, self-pity and all these vicious feelings would cease to exist. Maybe it is possible. Maybe it is a matter of practice and determination.

Will never know until you try. Maybe I will. 



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