Not The End…Not Yet

After a lot of whining, crying, obsessing and denial, I’ve always got what I wanted. Always. The college, the university, the job, the city, the house, the view from the house, the roommates…every small thing. However, as human tendency is, I’m never satisfied. And I don’t think I should be. I think the hunger to want more and want better is what keeps me going.

I’m an anxious person and mostly impatient so the road to achieving the next goal is never easy. Which is how I know that I’m headed to something bigger – something better. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am not grateful. I’m grateful for where my life is at the moment. However, do I think it can be better? Yes, absolutely. Therefore, until I feel like I’ve gone a step further I will always be worried and tensed. It’s probably the stage I will always be in. Maybe I am stuck in a rut. Or maybe this is how I hustle.

Gary Vaynerchuck in one of his episodes said, “When you have the big picture – the long term goal in your mind, something interesting happens. You stop stressing on small stuff. Being 85% effective in your short term moves and being 110% focused on your long term goal makes you move faster and reach that goal faster.”

I resonate a lot with that sentiment – keep your focus on the big picture but do not lose sight of the present activities. After all achieving small goals makes it easier to achieve bigger ones. Therefore, for this week, I have 2 goals:

  • No cheat meal until next Saturday and exercise at least 4 days a week.
  • Finish reading ‘Re-Awaken The Giant Within – Anthony Robins’.

Simple goals. Small actions and a lot of determination. Just like Anthony Robins says, “raise your standards.”

That’s going to be goal for this week. Raise my standards and prove to myself that all I really have to do is want to do something. And then do it.


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