Airport Shenanigans

Airports are one of the best places to be entertained. With all the hustle bustle, it’s tough to not be amazed.

I am not really a fan of flying or of airports. Strange as it may sound, I am quiet scared of airports for reasons unknown to me. However, since I live in a different country than my parents, flying happens more often than I’d like. I have flown a couple of times now and there are certain kinds of people I always see at the airport.

Type 1: The Super Models

If you are a fan of sleeping then there is a good chance you will not be a fan of early morning/late night flights. Performing the basic activities like immigration and security seems like a challenge when your mind is on snooze. At times like these the people that surprise me the most are the ones who are dressed like earth is their ramp and life is a fashion show. My lose pants, and sorry t-shirt feel uncomfortable in front of their well-cut denims and fancy jackets. My dark circles are in always in awe of their well contoured face. It’s a struggle. 

Type 2: The Duty-Free Shoppers
I’m guilty! The only reason I’m always early (apart from travel anxiety) is to ensure that I have enough time to check every single store at the duty free. Shopping at the duty free is a custom for us. We do not board a flight without the duty free bag. Be it chocolates, or an entire MAC make-up kit – we respect and follow the tradition.

Type 3: The Brand Conscious

They are people who wear sunglasses that has bands shouting ‘DIOR’ inside the airport. Their iPhones are covered in shiny diamond cases and their bags are more often than not Louis Vuitton. They exude pretentiousness and my most favourite source of entertainment.


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