I know what it is like to be tired – and not just in a physical sense.

This wearing, thankless world can be an exhausting place to live in. You get tired from loving too much, caring too much, giving too much and then not getting anything in return. You’re tired of the blurred outcomes, the uncertainties. You’re tired of the grey area.

There was a time when you weren’t this worn out. There was a time when you were hopeful and pure. When your optimism outweighed your cynicism and you were ready to give everything you had. And then you were chipped away and tattered piece by piece – a broken heart here, an un-kept promise there. The world hasn’t been kind to you and you have lost more than you have won. You are trying to find that hope in you to try all over again.

Truth is, we are all tired. Each one of us. There comes a time when we are nothing but a mass of broken heart and aching soul, desperately looking for fulfillment. We want more but we’re scared to ask for it. We’re scared to try again. Because we are afraid to see  everything come crashing down. Again. After all, we’re not sure how many times will we be able to start all over.

We all think we are alone in our exhaustion. But the truth is we are afraid to trust each other, to talk, to believe that we will not make a fool of ourselves again. So we let our guards go up. We build walls. We take up roles we once loathed, because we’re not sure what choice we have left.

In times like these, go slowly and quietly. Simply because it is a better choice than stopping and giving up.


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