It happens. Today it’ll all seem fine. Tomorrow you’ll grow apart. Friends will no longer be friends. Partners will walk hand in hand until their fingers no longer intertwine.

The kiss that once meant weak knees and racing heart will no longer taste like sweet love but more like bitter goodbyes.

The ones to whom you once poured your heart out to will seem like strangers. An unpleasant silence is all you’ll have to offer when you see them again. When your words will lose their way.

You’ll spend your days and nights staring into nothing, wondering what caused this distance, this black abyss between you. And more often than not it won’t be an argument that tore you apart but life itself. It’s you. It’s them. And it’s time.

You changed. You grew up. You realised your importance. You moved on. And they did too.

Things that once used to mean the world are now just photos hiding away in some corner. People that used to make you feel like you could climb the highest mountain now make you feel like drowning at the bottom of the sea.

And all of this is okay. It’s a part of life. People come and people go. Some friendships and relationships last a lifetime. Some fail to keep up and hence, aren’t worth holding on to.

So let go. If they don’t make you happy anymore, let them go.


One thought on “Distance

  1. When distance grows, you make attempts to reduce it. And when attempts fail the first time you try for a second. Until then moving on is just like side lining the whole idea of calling someone a friend in the first place.


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